Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shameless Marketing: Buy My Book!

This email is blatant commercialism: please download my $1.99 online book, "I'm Going To Be A Pirate," and help me win an iPad. All you need is love in your heart, a couple of bucks, and some sort of Mac device (phone, computer, ipad, etc. Although I believe you PC types can still download from iTunes and view on your PC) Click on this link to buy the book at the iTunes store.
Help me win. Buy a book. Tell your friends. Buy another book. I have until August 27 to win and I'll make you a deal: if I get that iPad I'll let you all play with it. Really.


  1. Bought and downloaded! So excited for my son (and me) to play/read it!

  2. Got it! Love it! More! More! More!