Saturday, January 18, 2014

Digger and Daisy About To Launch!

Digger and Daisy Go On A Picnic, by Judy Young and illustrated by ME is about to come out next month! Can't wait to see that crazy Digger's shenanigans again. Kirkus Review, who can usually be kind of cranky, had this to say:
In Digger and Daisy’s second outing, Digger learns that—all appearances to the contrary—sometimes it is best to have a nose full of dirt… It’s almost Shakespearean, until the skunk arrives on the scene, its dashing black-and-white look a fine counterpart to the waxy crayon sheen of the rest of Sullivan’s artwork.

Even the best of brothers can cause a stink from time to time, but rarely are they so sweet. (Early reader. 4-8)
Here's a little inside story on how the art comes about: the publisher, Sleeping Bear Press, sends me the manuscript by Judy Young, with the pages broken out for me. I draw pencil sketches of the scenes and they savagely tear them apart review them to give me helpful advice on how they can be improved.
Here are two sample spreads:


final color
final color

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  1. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to get it and have my son read it aloud and my daughter to drool all over it!