Saturday, January 18, 2014

At the Movies

Don't you think Vicki could be the next "Girl on Fire?" Her mortal enemies, the Moles, sent me a screenplay, but it ends badly. Bennie gave it two paws down, but liked her costume.

Vicki and Monica walked out on "Her." Glad I didn't go. It reminded me of that show I watched as a kid. I don't think I liked the whole "relationship with a machine" thing then either. Now "Blade Runner"...

Based on a true story. There was much rejoicing.

We've been re-watching "Firefly." Those Reivers are really tough. Sorry, my sticky notes don't have spell check.

I highly recommend the "True Facts" video series. It's very funny and you learn real stuff about real animals. This one's about the Land Snail. Warning: mostly PG-13. Still educational.

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