Monday, November 11, 2013

Bennie, Bennie, Bennie!

When I read "Ozzie" at the local elementary school last month, I learned one thing for sure: kids wanna see dogs. Since adults are grownup kids, I'm putting my new knowledge to good use by starting off with Bennie.
I won't watch "Walking Dead" anymore because it scares the heck out  of me. I think Vicki and Bennie are getting there too.

But Bennie does a GREAT zombie impersonation.

His Elmo is pretty good, too.

His catching is improving.

Love him, but he's got no work ethic.

Three neighbor dogs think he's gotten a little TOO protective of the house.
(sorry, Kooper, Milo and Freckles!)

He learned a new trick on Halloween.


  1. So fun to get to know Bennie! No Walking Dead for me either. I'm just to impressionable. But my teens love it... Yeah. I'm that kind of mom. Can't even check it out to see if I think it's okay for them to watch. I just let them tell me.

  2. These are so funny Dana! Yeah, I cannot watch zombie stuff either. Waaaay to much for me fragile mind. The Bennie stickies are adorable, my dog did that too-pretending he hadn't eaten dinner yet.