Monday, July 25, 2011

Dancing For the Stars Was a HIT!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who attended and/or volunteered at our Star of Hope fundraiser dance last week or gave from afar. Despite the threatening rain (what the heck, it's only July) and the road construction eliminating all hope of parking (hey, it's Seattle, there's no parking anyway), we had about 170 AMAZINGLY generous people show up, dance the night away and GIVE to the Star of Hope orphanage.

Vicki MAY have had a small meltdown on Friday night when we arrived to start setting up.

Jodi Fleischman of Left Foot Boogie not only told EVERYBODY about our dance, she gave a terrific country swing lesson (despite having me for her partner)

And Mary Lee Lykes of Lykes to Dance, was our head Donation Diva, 
exhorting folks to give, give, give (they did!).

The food was delicious. Ribs were donated via Costco and they were grilled to perfection by wonderful volunteers. Chicken (also thanks to Costco) and appetizers were prepared by On Safari. Corey Ebbin of Vitality Chiropractic of Bellevue donated the bucks for the food prep.

Amanda and Dan donated the INCREDIBLE house.

Jim Farmer was our Cosmo Bartender (there! you've made the blog!)

Inna Gringauz of IM Gourmet made a whole army of Napoleons

Theresa Hagen made tubs of beans and bushels of corn bread muffins

Holly and Ron took care of the wine and beer

with help from Matthew Skeel, who also was responsible for connecting us with the Bouchards, who rocked the house! If you want to find out the Bouchards' schedule, click here and sign up for their newsletter.

There are so many people to thank and so many things to be thankful for - like the fact that ALL of our kids now have sponsors for their year of education and that Marsha's birthday cake sold slice after slice for the kids, and on and on, until we raised about $6000 for the kids!

I'm gonna quit now and tell you that you can see more about the orphanage, view the Star of Hope story video AND see photos of the party at the Star of Hope website (click here). Once more: THANK YOU ALL, ASANTE SANA!

Go visit our sponsors and give 'em the business:

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