Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's Our 26th Wedding Anniversary!

On December 29, 1984, Vicki and I got married in the Community Center in Montlake park, Seattle. It snowed just like it did this December 29th. I couldn't bear to go up into the freezing attic to find photos, but did find this one from a month or two earlier when we were at her dad's in Lake Tahoe (much warmer there at the time). I still have that tie, but Vicki ditched the dress. (that little bump is Kyle - don't tell him)


  1. Don't you love Dana's short-shorts and my blue tent? What was I think'n?

  2. Everyone at your 30th anniversary party might be confused. I love that you celebrate your anniversary of your moving in together more than your wedding. It was a REALLY fun wedding, too! You realize you'll have to have another 30th party in four years. Last one was a blast!

  3. Dana, were you on solid gold? What in the hedoublehockeysticks were you wearing?! Heather