Sunday, June 14, 2015

If you're in Seattle July 11, I hope you come to our Star of Hope fundraiser party! This is the school and orphanage in Kenya that inspired my book, Kay Kay's Alphabet Safari. The party is a BLAST and all profits go to the kids. Check out the details here.

I beat the deadline for final art for Digger and Daisy Star in a Play! By one day, but who's counting? I love this series by Judy Young, and not just because it employs me. I do sort of ignore Vicki and Bennie when I'm in the final stretch.

Vicki was off coffee for a bit. I don't remember why. Something about her health and well-being, but I'm sketchy on the details. She seems fine now and we've put the tea back out in the garage.

My friend and famous author/illustrator Kevan Atteberry snuck this onto our cabinet door among my other stickies when I wasn't looking. I just discovered it this morning! Thanks Kev!

Just some random stickies
How do you find YOUR car in a big parking lot? Honking the horn doesn't work so well when there's a wedding motorcade going by.

Our frogs are singing to Vicki! Stupid frogs.tom

My friend Sue plays upright bass in the all-women big band, The Mood Swings. They couldn't find a drummer for their Valentine's Day gig on Whidbey Island. I played. I won't tell you who won this argument.

Vicki took some classes recently. It's been awhile since she was in the student seat, so I helped her out with an origami Yoda. Thanks to Tom Angelberger for the inspiration!

My sweetie's had a little physical therapy. Her doc thinks she's just too flexible. She got some sympathy from Elastigirl and some help from Bennie.

Remember how quiet and well behaved Bennie used to be? 
We don't either.

This social media thing really confuses me. It's not like people haven't tried to help, but they usually give up. Even Facebook wrote to me today asking if Bennie could take over my account.
Heidi and Amanda, thanks anyway! 

He said he was only a genius, not a magician.

Did I mention the Star of Hope Dance? Did I mention that if you can't come, you can still donate to the kids? I did? Shoot. Well, you can still click here.

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