Thursday, July 31, 2014

Me, teaching?

Well, yes, I have been! I just finished a week long Graphic Novel class for teens at Bellevue College. These kids were really talented and put a lot of work into their comics. But intimidating? I had never taught teens before and had trouble reading if I was getting through to them or if they were enjoying the class. Plus, they all had cool tee shirts and I only have two, which just added to the stress. But they all came through with amazing comics, which you can see by clicking here. And their evaluations proved they didn't hate me, which is what every teacher strives for.
Gotta get me some cooler T shirts

Next time I'll take Max along to class
Upcoming Classes: I'll be teaching a Graphic Novel class for adults at Bellevue College, starting September 19. Stay tuned for details.

And a Picture Book illustration class at Kirkland Arts Center, starting September 30. Click here for details. You wanna actually get a picture book dummy created? This is your class.

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