Thursday, July 31, 2014

Captain Underpants and ME!

A few weeks ago I took the ferry to Bainbridge to kick off a Kid's Graphic Novel Reading Club at Eagle Harbor Books by teaching a mini-lesson in making your own graphic novel. I knew that my hero, Dav Pilkey (YES, THAT Dav Pilkey, creator of Captain UNDERPANTS!!!) lives part of the year on Bainbridge, but didn't know until I got there that he was going to show up for a few minutes to help out. Was I nervous? Hoo boy. I had met Dav at his own book event earlier in the year and HE REMEMBERED ME. He stuck around for the whole hour and we really had a great time with the kids. We made a short graphic novel on the fly from yelled suggestions from the 13 kids (6-10 years old) there. What a day!
We came up with an episode of Pie Man!

Dav with his first sketch of Ook and Gluk as cavemen ambulance drivers, which turned into the Ook and Gluk series.

There may have been some creative differences, but we worked them out in an adult fashion.

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