Saturday, January 18, 2014

Calling All Dummies!

No, no, I mean BOOK dummies, the kind you submit to publishers. I'm teaching another round of Introduction to Children's Book Illustration at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Kirkland Arts Center, starting next week. This is a 4 and 6-week boot camp for finally completing that book dummy you've been putting off. We have fun doodling, story boarding and even painting with some of the finest sticks Vick's garden has to offer. This class is not just for illustrators, but also for writers who want to look at their story from a whole different angle. Check it out! Tell your friends! Come draw!


  1. I like the idea of you teaching drawing/painting to writers so they can look at their story differently! Great idea! This is a potentially dumb question, but (it's from me so that makes sense :) do you have to have a complete dummy idea before class or is there time to develop one? Can you take the class if you don't have a dummy idea yet? Thanks!

  2. Not a dumb question at all! We will work on the process of making a dummy, which includes coming up with the whole idea. So, no, you do not need a complete dummy idea. We will work on that together.