Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LA Conference

I was in LA for the scooby conference (scbwi - society of children's book writers and illustrators) at the beginning of August. Man! What a time. Amazing speakers, teachers, drinkers (not me). I tend to sketch while I pay rapt attention. And here are a few.
Evidently, no one really knows if a book will be a best seller that fades quickly or sticks around forever. But that didn't stop these agents from discussing it for quite awhile.

Allyn Johnston from Beach Lane Press was pretty vague about her opinion of illustrator's notes.

Bruce Degan, illustrator of the Magic School Bus series, Jamberry and a jillion other books, says there are no shortcuts.

Kid Lit rock star Bruce Hale was in the audience, sketching. I couldn't resist.

Matt de la Peña gave excellent advice on school visits and why he got into writing (girls).

Peter Larangis has written approximately 937 books for middle graders.

David Wiesner was brilliant in his session about his process and infusing your work with expression!
If you haven't read David Wiesner, you need to get "Tuesday," or "Sector 7," or "Flotsam," or any of his other books. A few of the Western Washington chapter actually took him to a quiet dinner to try to get him drunk and agree to come to one of our conferences up here in Seattleopolis. Those of you who have followed this blog for awhile know that his book, "Art & Max," is the reason I had to change my book from "Max and the Art Contest" to "Ozzie and the Art Contest," which is a much better title, after all. But you should have seen how far our Co-Regional Advisor, Brenda, spewed her wine when I brought up this little story.


  1. Awesome sketches! So cool that you went!

  2. I did not know that about changing the title of your book. I like this one better, as I'm sure Ozzie does!