Sunday, July 14, 2013

What the Reviewers Are Saying

Well, sure, Vicki loves Ozzie, but what are others saying about him? Who cares! No, really, I've already had some reviews. Pamela Kramer, in the says that Ozzie is a book about happiness. Is that cool or what?
I know I already blogged about this. Sue me. Read the whole thing here 
And Marge Loch-Wouters, in the School Library Journal, says that "While not distinguished, the bright and bouncy watercolor-and-ink illustrations portray a busy classroom and a teacher who lovingly oversees the chaos." Not distinguished? Ozzie begs to differ.
but she also goes on to say this:
But my favorite reviews are from Sabine Weatherby, age 4, who reports: "That book is VERY, very, very funny." (count 'em: THREE funnies) And Rachel, the young daughter of Dan Fennel, who, after her dad read my bio on the back flap that I tutor kids in reading, giggled, "he's a tooter?" Yes, Rachel, I am very much indeed. Ask Bennie.


  1. Your Toots -- altho maybe NSW -- are funnier and hipper than any Tweets I've ever seen!!!