Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ozzie Launches!

Last Friday was Ozzie's big launch at Secret Garden Books in Seattle! Was I excited? Was I amazed? Did I have fun? Well, yeah! And did we sell out all our books? You betcha! (there are more on the way) Suzanne at Secret Garden told me later that "our previous launch picture book record was SHATTERED (by nearly 50%!). Your friends are the nicest group of people we've ever had the pleasure of meeting!" I coulda told her that. We had a dramatic reading by the Art Contest Puppet Troupe, a drawing contest (where they couldn't look at what they were drawing), and an "identify what the heck those pictures in the honorable mention row in the book are" contest. Everybody was so good, they all tied for Honorable Mention. We had cake, kibble, Red Setter and White Lab Whine and tons of dog biscuit cookies baked by Jaime T and my sister and bro-in-laws Linda and Rob. I'm afraid the biscuits were so realistic that not everybody knew they were really cookies. More for me! Thank you to everybody who ordered books. I promise to sign the ones yet to be delivered as soon as Secret Garden lets me know they are in. Big thanks to Secret Garden, Vicki, everybody in the world, Odds, Babs, Heather, Melinda and Ben at Sleeping Bear, all my art teachers, Carleen McGlothlin (my jr high yearbook advisor), Peggy King Anderson and Anna O! And the rest of you who I forgot but will remember as soon as I hit "Publish." xxoo, Dana and Ozzie

they're not real!

every time a bell rings...

a madhouse, I tell you!

you go, Taylor!

Maddie loves Ozzie

The leaning tower of Dana

Sophia played the part of Ozzie

There's a Tony nomination in this kid's future

Look! Donald, Mina and Kristi are drawing and not looking!

Spell it right, Bub

Lot of pressure from these jr enforcers

the players were just dead after their performance. Ha! See, that's Max in the urn and... never mind.

Leslie McCallum is Ozzie's mother, after a fashion

Vicki, Sophia and Sophia's mom, sometimes called "Donna"

Vicki played the part of Miss Cattywhompus

David took most of these photos

Taylor, Suzanne and Lauren of Secret Garden

Thanks to Rob and Linda for a ton of biscuit cookies!


  1. What a fantastic book launch! Ozzie sure knows how to party.

  2. Oh Dana. I am so happy whenever I think of you. "Ozzie (Max) and the Art Contest" is a great book, full of love. Your launch party was too - great and jam packed with people who love you and your work.

  3. Congratulations, man. What a great turn out. I'm so sorry that I had to miss it. Next book launch, I will be there!

  4. Oh Gosh! Just looking at those pictures and reading your post made me smile big time! You look so happy! I am so thrilled for all your success and all the joy you are bringing (and will continue to bring) to all those kids! Yipeee! :) Namaste, Dana! Let that light shine!

  5. Keep those Sticky Notes a-comin'. I Love reading them and seeing all your pix! And Wow! Those biscuits look so much like the real thing, I can't believe they're not! That sis-in-law of yours is one creative genius. Runs in the family! <3

    1. ha, Auntie T, those biscuits actually may have looked TOO much like the real thing, because not many people ate them - and they were GOOD! I shoulda put a little sign saying they just LOOKED like doggie biscuits. Oh well, next time. And yes, that sis-n-law (and bro-in-law) of mine are creative geniuses! xxoo D