Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ozzie Goes to Book Expo!

Last week Ozzie and I went to Book Expo America, the "largest annual book trade fair in the United States." 
I'm still overwhelmed by the whole experience, but I took a lot of photos and made a few sketches. And here they are:
Sketching in Bryant Park. This is such a cool park! Not only can you get an adult beverage and food, it's got free wi-fi! I opted for the adult beverage and food. This guy went for the wi-fi.

Carlos, the bartender at Yuca, in Greenwich Village. He was seriously working on the two 20-something cuties next to me, who received many free drinks. I got one glass of red wine for this sketch, which is better than nothing. I was supposed to email this to him, but I can't read his handwriting. Sorry Carlos.

Drew this on my iPad, trying to use the Sketchook Express app. Digger and Daisy were a little miffed about not going with us. Ozzie never sent pictures. Bad dog.

Sleeping Bear's Publisher Heather Hughes (left) and Sr Publicist Audrey Mitnick with Ozzie, setting up the booth. Many thanks to both of them for all their hard work for Ozzie, Digger, Daisy and me! 

(L - R) Super Agent Anna Olswanger, author/illustrator Kate Sullivan,  Boss of Agents Liza Dawson, and me

Typical crowd at BEA. One could say that Scholastic created a little "booth envy." I wouldn't say that, though.

Because Sleeping Bear had the best booth!

This is the area for official book signings. I wasn't sure if I was gonna pee my pants or throw up.

Terry, my book signing stocker. He kept me from peeing my pants. 
David Michael Kirby, the green room host. He kept me from throwing up. If you need a host that will keep everybody calm and organized, get in touch with David. He's also an actor, so all you casting directors, check him out.

Look! On the same sign as Jon Scieszka!

This is what my line looked like (at first). See why my bladder and tummy were giving me trouble? But, somehow, people showed up and I signed all my books! Gotta love folks who judge books by their covers. Big thanks to Jane Shucklin and Stephanie Ponder from Costco Publishing for being the first two in my line.

Ozzie was the big draw. Sometimes they talked to me.

How about that Digger Shirt? Digger and Daisy come out this Fall and they can't wait.

These crazy kids get into all kinds of shenanigans.

This little boy LOVED Ozzie. He spoke no English, but I could tell he asked his mom if he got to keep him.

I drew him this cartoon instead.

That went over well. Sorry kid, the puppet's mine.

Audrey brought dog biscuit cookies!

Billy, the coffee truck guy, wanted two bucks to give Ozzie back.

Proud Papa.

Sketching in Bryant Park.

Kate Sullivan, author/illustrator of "On Linden Square," due out in September. We sketched at a bar in Greenwich Village. No, this is not my sister, Cait Sullivan.

The Roger Smith hotel, where I stayed. VERY cool hotel. (Thanks Sleeping Bear!)

The sketch from the bar in Greenwich.

Jack Gantos! Oh my god, Jack Gantos! Look, we both wear glasses!

I made the cover of Sleeping Bear's Fall Catalog!

Fine art to be raffled off to some lucky bookstore.

Kate's book and her fine art to be raffled off to another lucky bookstore. See more about her book here.

Kate actually played the saw in Sleeping Bear's booth. We'll see if this vid works.

Hank, from "Hank Finds An Egg," by Rebecca Dudley. This is actually a smaller, "traveling" version of Hank. That's his traveling case behind him; he's not a vampire. "Hank Finds An Egg" was SUPPOSED to be available at BEA, but the ink was still drying. Rebecca was devastated until she learned that Neil Gaiman had the same problem. Then she went skipping around BEA telling everybody about her "thing" with NG. You can see more of her work at her blog, Storywoods.

I went back in time to when this kid was still happy with me and Ozzie.

another attempt at using that iPad app for drawing.
Leslie McCallum, who made Ozzie the puppet -  the hit of BEA! Thank you, Leslie!!!!
I told him this was first class. Please help me keep this little secret.
Yes, there was cake. "Nothing gets folks to your booth like cake." Noted.
Kate Sullivan and Rebecca Dudley. We're all author/illustrators of Agent Anna O's and we FINALLY met. Boy, did we have a lot to talk about. Just kidding, Anna. Heh. Really.
Ozzie tried to make the kids feel better about being left behind.
Rebecca and I were really hoping that Hank and Ozzie would have a chance to meet on this trip.
Somehow it never happened. Curious.

The sticky I left on the coffee pot last Tuesday. What do you do when your sweetie has a kinked neck and your dog is ralphing on the carpet? If you're me, you fly to New York. (They are both feeling better, thank you)

 Ben Mondloch is the Publisher of Cherry Lake Publishing, the parent company of Sleeping Bear. He's also not bad on the saw.

I had an excellent time, but it's always good to get back to my sweeties.

 Thanks to all the wonderful folks at Sleeping Bear Press and to Super Agent Anna Olswanger, for making it all possible!


  1. I'm so excited for you, Dana!!! So cool to see all of those photos, too! I was scrolling through them as I sat in the dark to put my son to bed. I got to the one with that cute little boy hugging Ozzie, then his personalized authentic drawing and then his let down face. I laughed out loud so big I woke my son up!

  2. I'm so excited for you, Dana!!! So cool to see all of those photos, too! I was scrolling through them as I sat in the dark to put my son to bed. I got to the one with that cute little boy hugging Ozzie, then his personalized authentic drawing and then his let down face. I laughed out loud so big I woke my son up!

  3. I'm worn out following all the excitement! So glad you got to go to BEA. Some day... Can't wait to hear more stories. Congratulations! Big hugs to you and Vicki. xoxox

  4. WOW! What a great trip! What awesome sketches! What an amazing time you must have had - many, many congratulations, Dana :)

    This pic of the little boy who spoke no English with is cartoon is SO cute and funny.

  5. Wow, great travel log. You were busy, and time to sketch too. But, who are Jon Scieszka and Jack Gantos??

  6. Sorry. Jon S and Jack G are rock stars in the kid lit world. Possibly Jon's (not gonna spell that name if I don't have to) most famous book is The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. check him out at http://www.jsworldwide.com

    Jack Gantos has a bajillion books out, from the Rotten Ralph picture books to middle grade (Dead End in Norvelt) to stuff for older readers, which I've never read, because they use bigger words. One of my favorite authors


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