Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scooby Conference

The annual Scooby (SCBWI) conference was last weekend and, as far as I know, it went off without a hitch. Or at least no injuries. The speakers and teachers were fabulous - entertaining and so full of information.

From "Kay Kay's Alphabet Safari," one of the pieces I submitted for a roundtable discussion with Sophie Blackall

No, I was fine with it. Really

Shane got an even better review. Shane's tough.
Kelly Milner Halls is a self-described weird, weird writer. But she's also supportive and embracing and just a joy to be around. She also is able to find ghosts using dousing rods she bought on Amazon. Who knew? Buy her books and you'll learn a lot about this world.

I had to leave pretty early Friday morning.
This is the illustration I did for Patti Ann Harris' class (not on the spot, we had a little time)

Patti Ann Harris is the Senior Art Director at Little, Brown for Early Readers and one of the sweetest people you could meet, if you're lucky enough to meet her.

Colleen Ann Felicity Venable is the art and design editor at First/Second Books. She's wacky and wonderful and learned me that this blog is not something I should do in my spare time, it IS my job and I need to work it into my schedule, dammit. Okay! Thanks CAFV!
Mac Barnett is a writer of subversive books for kids and spoke about that sweet spot for kids where truth and fiction meet. That's a place where Santa and the Easter Bunny live, so we're in darned good company if we make it there.

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