Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prattering On

Speaking of Pratt, that’s where I’m teaching an Intro to Children’s Picture Book Illustration class this quarter. Next week will be our final class of the 6-week course. Our objective is to have to picture book dummy completed and ready to send off to an agent or publisher (hey, we dream big at Pratt!) and this bunch of talented artists are well on their way. It’s really been fun working with everybody – their energy and dedication is inspiring. I have been incredibly lucky to have some very generous friends come in to help me out as guest teachers. Big thanks to NancyArmo, Ben Clanton, Karen Lee Schmidt, Kevan Atteberry and Wendy Wahman! And a huge thanks to Rollin Thomas, who taught this class in the past and recommended me for the job while he recuperates in Spokane. Be well and create lots, Rollin!

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  1. Congrats on your class, Dana! It sounds like it was a huge success!