Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Inconsistent Ozzie

So I was churning out color illustrations for Ozzie and sending them in to Sleeping Bear Press right on schedule, when Melinda Milward, Sleeping Bear’s wonderful and tactful graphic designer, called me and asked me to sloooooow down and work on some color character studies before going any further. “Ozzie” has kind of a large cast and they need to all be distinctive, work together and, above all, look the same each time they appear. “In children’s books, it’s all about consistency,” said my editor, Barb McNally. (God, I love saying “MY editor, MY graphic designer…) So, the loud screeching sound you heard coming from the Northwest was my putting the brakes on Oz. But this is in fact a relief because it gives me the time to really figure out color. So stay tuned for some color character studies. (and pleas for help)
starting on the color

I made an "art line" to hang my stuff as I go (to TRY to keep consistent)

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