Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bachelor Party

My stomach did a flip flop when Kyle told me he wanted me to arrange his bachelor party. I mean, he KNOWS I getting my start in children’s books, right? But then he said he wanted a three-day backpack trip with his best friend Travis and me. We had an amazing trip to Upper Eagle Lake out in the Okanogan Natl Forest, even though we almost ran out of gas and scratched the hell out of Vicki’s car (sorry Sweetie). Kyle's Pomeranian, Diesel, came along and ran us all into the ground. Here are a few photos
Travis, Kyle and me
yes, the water was colder than expected

Me, Kyle and Diesel

This guy just didn't get tired

or cold

Kyle "Spud" Legman

Thank the good Lord for that guy who sold us gas

See? We're not lost!

Okay, we were lost a little bit at first.

We left three beers in the stream near the trailhead. Cheers!

Travis and Kyle

View from the top of some damned peak


  1. Grrrrrrrrrreat pix! Nothing like three guys bonding: 2 kidz and one Peter Pan!!!

  2. I wish my bachelorette party had been as scenic and cool! Also, love that a pomeranian named Diesel exists in the universe :)