Sunday, June 3, 2012

Star of Hope featured in the Newcastle News!

Our local newspaper ran a story about the Star of Hope orphanage this month. Amanda Austin wrote the story in February, but the paper hadn't had room to run the story until now. They also didn't have room to print all the photos I sent them, so I'll post them here. Many thanks to Amanda! (And don't forget to put the party-of-the-year Star of Hope fundraiser dance on your calendars on July 28). Here's the link to the story (right under the column by Pat Detmer that I illustrated -total coincidence I swear)

Big hello

Centrine and Shaline

Centrine shows off her art project

Juma loves the stickers

Marsha and Selah with Leonard in August

Mzee Bitei is an expert brick maker, helping the Star of Hope build dormitories for the kids.

The kids show off their new sweaters

The new dorms are nearly completed!

Teachers Ruth, Ramra, Doreen and Humphry with some of the school supplies

Just a few of the kids

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