Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Movie Time!

We were so desperate for the second season of "Downton Abbey" that we actually bought the thing. We may have watched it in one loooong sitting.

This documentary about Abe and Mary Lincoln was meticulous, detailed, researched, high-quality and put me to sleep within minutes. Vicki liked it and wouldn't let me send it back to Mr. Netflix. 

But did she watch it herself?

Midnight in Paris was a love letter to that beautiful city. And it was amusing to see Owen Wilson play a Gentile Woody Allen with his shlumpy whining throughout the movie. But would Papa Hemingway given it best screenplay?

1 comment:

  1. Seriously you bought Downton Abbey, tell me you're kidding? It's 2012 V&D, there are many other options, cable, direct TV....hulu....roku....soon I'll be watching season 3, don't buy it. You can come watch it at my place.