Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gabs Needs a Cell Phone

Our dear friends Henry and Gabriella have left to live in Arezzo, Italy for 9 months. They've been studying Italian for years, dealt with amazing bureaucracy to get visas and even found a beautiful apartment via the internet. After a grueling flight to Rome (delays, etc), they needed to get hold of their landlord to let them in, but didn't have a phone. Gabs turned to two women on the train to Arezzo and mustered up the phrase, "Scusi, portrei domandarLe una grande cortesia? Dobbiamo fare una telefonata importanta, ma non abbiamo un cellulare. Potremmo prendere in prestito il Suo cellulare?"  Of course it worked, she talked to the landlord, they found the apartment and are now are living la dolce vita an hour south of Florence. They've got a blog, which I recommend highly, especially if you like photos and descriptions that make you want to eat your heart out. We really miss H&G, but their blog makes it better. Sort of. Check it out:

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