Monday, July 11, 2011

The Day The Dogs Talked

I illustrated a book and it's for sale on Amazon! How cool is that? It's called "The Day The Dogs Talked" by Hazard Adams ("What?" cried sister-in-law Ann, "he taught me critical theory at the UW!"). It's a "Modern fable with many charming illustrations that will delight young and old." You read that? "Charming illustrations!" The cover is a portrait of son Kyle's Pomeranian named Diesel. This is the very first book I've illustrated to be published on Amazon. It's available as an e-reader or paperback and I'm gonna get me some. You can too, right here. (I need reviews, hint, hint). It's published by BookTrope. Stay tuned for a book trailer.


  1. WOOF!! Congratulations, Dana - fantastico.

  2. AWESOME Dana!!! So happy you were able to work with Booktrope. I'm buying a copy today!

  3. thanks for getting us together, Chris! And thanks for buying the book. You rock.