Monday, January 24, 2011

Frozen with Fear

Secret Agent Anna thinks we've gotten the words and sketches just about ready to send to publishers. Now it's time for 3 or 4 color spreads to show what the final art will look like. Which means it's freak-out time. I'm trying to remember that I do my best when I'm relaxed and having fun and not worrying about what some New York publisher who can alter the direction of my life thinks about my work. Yeah...


  1. Yay, Dana! And,remember I'm buying a Max painting from you for my new place.

  2. Just think about all those Costco deadlines that you & your team managed to meet over & over again...

    In spite of your "voice activation" powers!

  3. None of this relaxation business you do your best when someone with dreads is yelling at you. Paint maggot paint!

    New York schmew York I always say... You got this.