Friday, July 9, 2010

My Neighbor Spac

Carla Spaccoratelli is my "officle" (that's a blend of "office" and "cubicle" and sounds like a bad-tasting frozen treat on a stick, don't it?) neighbor at the UW. A brilliant writer and a font of knowledge, Spac's regretting sitting so damned close to somebody who knows almost nothing about how the U works. But I think she's swell. Comment on this post and she's gonna read it. She reads everything.


  1. LOL! Loved the Google reference--SO what you would say Carla (my cousin). What nice comments though made by your colleague about your talents. It is nice to be appreciated and have someone tell you while you are alive vs. waiting for the alternative.

  2. I think she is swell as well... and I had to comment just because I know she will read would Robert Frost now say good cubicles make good neighbors?

  3. In truth, Spac would never deny me help or info. She just send me links. But I suspect there's an Evil Spac lurking deep, deep within...