Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Text Mex

Last week at the book conference I got a text from Vicki telling me she's got a bee up her butt to go to Mexico and did I want to join her. What would YOU say? I thought she was kidding, but turns out she'd just read an article about Todos Santos in the New York Times. So the next text told me to pack my swimsuit. Gotta love that Vicki! Here's where we're going.


  1. I hope you have fun but you stink. Especially on a day like today!

  2. I'm reading this after a shower, so I do NOT stink. I DID stink, however, after a day walking around town sketching and then sweltering at the beach. I think I'll go draw out by the pool and then Vicki and I will have a drink from this place with a gorgeous view of the sunset. Okay, I stink.