Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Vicki's MacBook has been having trouble waking up from its naps. She was teaching a class of IT folks last week, but, being IT people, none of them will even touch an Apple product. This means that Fred Good will send me a link telling me to how to fix it. Go, Fred!


  1. Read this:
    ...and watch the video.

    Then run Software Update to get the newest version of the OS.

    Then go to the Apple store and tell them you suspect logic board issues and they should fix it FREE. If not, they suck, and try another Apple store that will.

  2. ...also, maybe,

    There was a firmware update ( recently released for this very problem. Do you have it installed?

    The usual cause of this sleep problem, at least on MacBooks, is plugging or unplugging anything during sleep, or closing the lid without waiting for it actually to go to sleep, then immediately picking it up: this causes the SMS to park the drive mid-process, hence the confused behaviour on waking.

    Wait until the sleep light starts pulsing before picking it up, and never to plug anything in or out during sleep.