Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is our Western Tree Frog, Croakie. He lives with his buddies in the pond behind our house. Around the last week of February the males all start singing the frog equivalent of "Hey, baby! Hey, baby! Hey, Baby" over and over until they get some action. Apparently this works, which almost explains backward-capped boy drivers with the mad bass thumping your eardrums. Click here to hear "Hey, baby!"


  1. Nice photo! I hear these guys going nuts when I drive down Maple Valley highway. Sometimes, on 900, near the "antique" place. They can be so loud I can hear them over my mad bass thumping.

  2. yeah, later in the month they're gonna be deafening. I'll update the sound file, now that I know how. ALL HAIL FRED!

  3. Those are some really awesome frogs! Wow. I love that sound :)