Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Uh Oh, GoGo!

You know what the problem is with naming one of your characters after a friend's poodle? Especially when that friend is a world famous children's book writer/illustrator? She's already GOT books written about GoGo and things could get ugly. I don't want THAT, so I'm working on a new name for Max's big, brown, Dog-Fu expert, poodle friend. I think I have this one covered, but feel free to send me names. More fabulous prizes! By the way, Wendy Wahman is the world famous writer/illustrator. Check her out.


  1. oh my. I do feel bad about this. God knows no one is snatching up my GoGo stories... and GoGo would like a million stories about her.

    So many fine poodle names in the world. I bet Max will dream up a fine and curly one soon.

  2. You could spell it French: Geaux Geaux...
    Also, Dogo comes to mind...