Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Presents

I'm really not into my birthday, usually. But this year, Vicki told me she had a surprise for me and really had me intrigued. She wouldn't give me hints and she wouldn't give me the presents until this morning. But they are both exactly what I wanted: smart wool socks, the nifty kind that wick and keep your feet all snuggly; and a ginornous wooden salad bowl! (I've been whining about our stupid salad bowl for months) Okay, now that I've written down these gifts I can see that some might not think they're up there with a trip to Maui, but I love them! And Vicki, too, btw.


  1. Happy Late Birthday, Dana! I hope it was a good one (besides the socks and bowl, of course!)

  2. Yes, he's always been that way. And eerily, I've been whining about a salad bowl, too, and finally just got one on Whidbey Island...

  3. I can hear "dueling banjos" playing in the background. Bring a salad to dinner next time!