Monday, December 14, 2009

The Heat is On at the YMCA!

I was dressed in my woolies for more Frozen Yoga this morning, but I am pleased to say I had to shed a lot of it! I guess they figured out the new heating system. At the end of each yoga session there's this "nappy time" pose. And when it's all warm and toasty... This sticky was one of my most challenging to draw, since I've never seen Dorothy frown.


  1. So that was YOU snoring? Hee hee! J/K (Which stands for "Just Kidding" in case your helpful YMCA friend isn't available for decoding!)

  2. Oh, I LOVE J/K! I'm gonna use that when I insult somebody and then follow it up with j/k. Yeah, sorry about the snoring. But now I know why you make us bring our own mats. Drool.