Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Vicki!

Today is Vicki's birthday! I made her coffee extra-special this morning. I'm breaking the unofficial "it must be a sticky note" rule to mark the occasion by including the real card I made her. (if you click on it, it'll enlarge) We've been taking yoga together and she almost missed class today because she slept in. There's no way I'm waking her up on her birthday.


  1. Hi Dana,
    I love your sticky notes, Vicki is lucky to be the #1 recipient. I still have one of your originals on my bulletin board that you sent after the SCBWI studio gives me a little boost every day.
    Kathleen Kemly

  2. hi Kathleen, great to hear from you! I took a class in children's book illustration from Brenda Guiberson early this summer (EXCELLENT CLASS!) and I used what you taught us when we made dummies of our books. I loved the airplane you made for reference on what an airplane's shadow looks like. I made a little boat for my story (which I still have to get up on my site). Glad you enjoy your card. I'm honored it's up in your studio. You continue to inspire and I hope you do another studio tour. –Dana